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Happy Clients About Me


I write to express the joy I experienced in meeting you and seeing your excellent practice. I am a perennial critic of clinical psychology, particularly in New Jersey, but I do not always relish this role. Thank you for the respite.

I saw my first patient as a psychologist in 1965 at the Child Guidance Clinic at Columbia University. I was tenured at GSAPP in 1985. I have been a trial lawyer for almost 15 years. I have been around. I want you to appreciate my praise. My standards are high, my professional experience is long, and my compliments are given sparingly. Grow your practice and keep up the good work!


I first called Dr. Vanessa GourdineĀ because I noticed that I was beginning to repeat negative behaviors from former relationships in my current one. During our first session, Vanessa and I discussed my history and she asked me if I had heard of anxiety disorders (I hadn't). We talked about what that meant, and we decided on an appropriate course of action.

We began exploring some of the reasons I had anxiety, and as importantly, ways that I could learn to cope with it. We talked about things that worked and things that didn't; about places I had succeeded and places I had failed; and about good stuff too. Funny stuff, happy stuff, things that made me cry and then laugh at my tears. Through it all, Vanessa was steadfast. A constant source of understanding, wisdom and an amazingly perfected "go-on" nod. She guided me to discover ways to strengthen weak areas in my life, and taught me to discover areas of strength I had never known I possessed.

As the end of my time with Vanessa approached, we turned our attention towards the future. She gave me homework--books to read, things to think about--in preparation for my moving to a new country. She spoke candidly and kindly about my relationships and my own thought patterns about changes--both in dealing with them and in making them.

I sometimes dreaded my Tuesday afternoon appointments, trying to find excuses not to go, thinking of ways to talk myself out of going, but I always went. I knew it would be hard--excruciating, sometimes--and it would hurt. But after every appointment, and in the days that followed, I found myself clearer-headed, more aware of myself and my feelings, and more in the moment. Able to focus on the important things, instead of the worrisome things. My time spent with Vanessa was tough, rewarding, and has not only helped me to grow, but has taught me how to continue growing.

Live free or die: Death is not the worst of evils." --General John Stark

I want to thank you, Dr. Gourdine, for your help and guidance. Through your counseling and coaching, I was able to problem solve a series of difficult but major life decisions. With your techniques, I was able to generate a solution to my serious financial issues. If I had not examined the various options you provided, it would have had serious negative effects. The experience has given me financial savvy and negotiation skills that I will use throughout my lifetime.

Your approach is thought provoking with a focus on acquiring the necessary life skills. Whether the focus is on practical issues, such as finance or personal issues, such as relationships, you provide the helpful strategies to achieve the outcomes that are best.

I want to provide heartfelt thanks to you for your thoughtful guidance and coaching and I highly recommend your services to anyone seeking assistance with their personal lives or practical matters such as financial issues, negotiations, career or major life decisions.


I am writing this letter to thank you for your professional counseling and support. Your expert guidance has helped me more than I ever expected. I approached you in November regarding four college courses that I needed to complete to earn my Bachelor's Degree. I was having difficulty concentrating and I could not focus on my reading, research and writing assignments. When I did put pen to paper, I began to fear that my work wasn't good enough and then I began to avoid the assignments altogether. I fell behind and thought that I would never see the light at the end of the tunnel. During our sessions, you provided the tools that I needed to work through my fears and complete the work. Thanks to your patience and care, I did finally see the light.

I am happy to say that I have finished all four courses (I received straight A's) and I have earned my degree thanks to your quality care. I am certain that I would have remained stuck in a place if not for your skill and experience. Your practice helped me achieve a personal goal that I believed was beyond my reach. I highly recommend the services of Dr. Vanessa Gourdine and I again I cannot thank you enough.

My daughter was going through stress and anxiety. While attending a magnet high school in NJ, she became stressed to the point of school avoidance.

You helped my daughter overcome anxiety and get back on track. Thanks to you my daughter got accepted into an Ivy League college and is doing really well.

I was worried that my daughter wouldn't be able to adjust and I was right. If you hadn't provided her with the ongoing coaching, I don't think she would have stayed in school.

Because of the coaching my daughter was able to make a good adjustment in a challenging environment. Thanks to Dr. Vanessa Gourdine, my daughter went from a small high school to a large university and is performing very well.

I highly recommend Dr. Gourdine's method of coaching.

Ms. J

As you know I sought your help because my business was going downhill and I was having a lot of problems with my staff. As the owner and CEO of a large company, I was overwhelmed with debt and employee complaints.

I didn't realize how much my problems were due to my leadership approach. I was able to overcome a lot of problems associated with business when I learned how to strategically lead my employees and business out of troubled times.

I enjoyed your approach as you helped me to see my way of thinking was counterproductive to managing my staff. I learned how to apply different styles in various situations. If it were not for the coaching I received, my business would not have survived.

Today things are going well and my life has even improved. I want to thank you very much for your help.

Rich T

I want to thank you for your assistance in building my private practice. I had difficulty with growing the practice. Your business and executive coaching helped me to identify important processes and to build an infrastructure that allowed me to capture important data to grow the practice.

As an executive coach, you provided me with leadership training, I was able to develop a more effective leadership role with my employees. I learned very useful hiring techniques. I learned how to streamline the practice and leg of employees that were not helping me towards my goals. If it were not for your coaching, I am not sure that the practice would still be here. Your approach made it easy to identify and implement the most essential steps towards success.

Your strategic method is a winner!

I would recommend Dr. Gourdine for anyone pursuing to build a practice or business.

I wish you continued success.


I was having a hard time in school. I was experiencing a lot of pressure interfering with my ability to perform. I was fortunate to meet Dr. Gourdine. She coached me on how to tackle difficult subjects and overcome my anxiety. She provided me with learning and memorization techniques that raised my test scores. She taught me short-cuts to handle large volumes of work. If it were not for Dr. Gourdine, I don't think I would have finished school. I was stressed and stopped going at one point and she got me back in it.

As a result of her training, I brought my GPA up to a perfect score. I was accepted into an Ivy League university as a Penn Scholar. She helped me through my senior year of High School and through my first year of college. I had some difficulty adjusting to a new environment having come from a small school. I was facing challenges at a very demanding University and she helped me to succeed.

I am very pleased with the results. I learned how to work efficiently and productively. My self esteem improved with my performance.

I would highly recommend the academic coaching program to anyone who wants to achieve academic success and to overcome their anxiety and performance issues.


I am writing this letter to express my thanks for focusing my mind on the business of practicing law. Since 1995, I have worked as a lawyer and failed to recognize that I am actually running a business. By reviewing my current practice, you were able to make me realize that I needed to make significant changes to better my business and personal life.

Thank you.

Local Attorney

I am grateful for the support and guidance you have provided. I had serious concerns about my career longevity with my company last year. As a salesman, my numbers were way down. I felt I was trying everything that I could and as an experienced salesman, I thought I was. With your insightful guidance, I was able to see alternative approaches and to amend my style. Your coaching helped me to see my approach could be improved. As a result within a few months, I was in the top ten. At the present time, my company considers me to be one of the their top salesman. My career path at my company has opened up.

In addition to providing assistance with my sales, you have provided me with new knowledge and skills for my leadership style. In the past, I had issues with my management style and was not sure how to manage people with performance and/or personality issues. As a result I have learned to deal with people differently and to achieve improved performance and a more cohesive team.

You provide skills that are useful, practical and insightful. I strongly recommend your services to anyone seeking to advance their careers and acquire the necessary leadership skills.

Joe T

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