What can Executive Coaching Do for You?



Executive coaching is not about solving problems for the company. It is about teaching you how to unlock your potential, achieve developmental goals, and be more self-aware. The Brain Power Program provides one-on-one coaching and group training sessions to get everyone to be part of the process of change. After all, effective teams are at the root of all successful companies.


With that said, how does executive coaching help effect positive change for the good of everybody?


The Task of Executive Coaches


An executive coach is there to listen. They do not provide advice with regards to solving the problems in your company. You can think of them as a guide who will ask all the necessary questions, challenge certain assumptions, and provide clarity. However, there are occasions when they can be called upon to provide advice but that is not the main reason you hire them.


All of this makes it sound like the task of an executive coach is similar to that of a therapist or a consultant. While some coaches to have a background in consulting or therapy, they are primarily hired to help a client solve their own problems.


An executive coach can also provide the resources you need for a particular concern. In addition to that, they can assist with interpreting assessments, be it of the 360-degree or behavioral variety.


In other words, they are there to help you better understand the role that is being asked of you. Many companies hire coaches as a way to invest in their top executives who display a high potential. You can think of it as investing in an executive development program where a newly promoted executive will be taught how to cope with the many challenges he will face in the future.


The Executive Coaching Process


While there is no set formula for how the process is carried out, it usually involves a couple of phases. It usually starts off with an intake where you and your coach share information. What follows is an assessment of that information and the creation of a goal. After that, the session progresses to development planning.


Once that process has been cycled through, coaches then make periodic check-ins with your manager to see if you are on track with development goals. This is also an opportunity for you or your coach to decide whether the process should be stopped or not. Typically, a coaching session lasts around seven months to a year.


Coaching can be helpful in helping you navigate the executive waters. However, if you feel that advice is what you need, this may not be the correct solution for you. It’s also not helpful to hire a coach if you are not receptive to feedback. Keep in mind that a coach is there to challenge assumptions and you have to be willing to listen and converse.


There used to be a certain stigma surrounding executive coaching, but it’s becoming more accepted for executives to hire a coach for developmental purposes.


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