Physical Activity and Your Mind

Physical activity helps the mind, but how? Neurotrophic molecules are cells throughout the body that guide chemical reactions and help the growth of new neurons. The brain sends directions to all parts of your body to perform a movement, such as walking or lifting your hand. As the body practices any type of physical activity, the repetition helps you become adapted to that motion. This is called the principle of Specificity.

physical activity

The effect of adaptation only works by using focus and concentration while performing the motion. You have many different types of neurons. They all work to perform all of your bodily movements. This includes everything from brushing your teeth and hugging your children to lifting weights, balancing on one foot, or touching your toes.

Once you have mastered a movement, your reflexes and reaction time improve enabling your body to protect itself. So when cleaning your house, walking on a slippery surface, or moving heavy boxes, you are more likely to use proper form and less likely to be injured. This is called proprioception sense.

The principal factor for any type of physical activity is to be present and focused.  Balance exercises and isometric movements are a perfect way to start a routine that leads to greater coordination and ease of movement.

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By Valeria Barriga, CPT