Brain Power Program
Brain Power Program

Brain Power Program

Brain Power Program


The brain was the mysterious organ. At best, science could identify the gross anatomical features and their gross functions. With the invention of the functional MRI, scientists were able to use it to identify actual functions in the brain. So much was discovered in the past decade to teach us about how our brain works. The recent discoveries coupled with two decades of study, research and actual application of helping people change their behavior has allowed me to develop a new program for behavior change based on how the brain actually works. I call it the Brain Power Program.

Based on 20 years of practice and the scientific findings of brain functioning,
I have developed a strategic method to help us change behavior to achieve the best version of ourselves, An Exceptional You. The Brain Power program helps us to achieve healthier, more productive, higher performing version of ourselves. No matter the goal, the mechanism of achievement requires you to change your behavior in order to successfully reach your goal.

Behavior change is extremely difficult. Anyone who has decided to make a change knows that. The research findings examining any aspect of our lives will prove that to be true. Consider the statistics on type II diabetes. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) report that 86 million people in this country in 2014 are pre-diabetic and that 1/3 of them will develop type II diabetes within 5 years. People are well informed with all the ease of access to media through their phones, laptops, computers, IPADs etc..yet with all this information they are not able to change their behavior. They receive counseling form their physicians. They are encouraged by their loved ones to change behavior: exercise, lose weight, eat more vegetables. So few people actually make the changes. If they did these numbers would not be as drastic as they are.

The Brain Power Program is about to change that for anyone who actually wants to make a change—any change. You will not receive platitudes, quick fixes with bold promises or simplistic instructions that are typical of many coaching and behavior change methods. Instead you will be given a personalized intervention on how to change your behavior based on our strategic model using your own brain power.

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