Brain Power Health For Your Brain
Brain Power Health For Your Brain

Brain Power Health For Your Brain

Brain Power Health For Your Brain


Behavior change is extremely difficult. If it were easy we would all start our days after a very restful night of deep sleep with at least a half hour of exercise. We would eat a nutritious low carb breakfast. We would count our calories and adhere to the limit. We would get intermittent episodes of relaxation and meditation and manage our stress throughout the day and return home in a loving and supportive mindset to our families.

Everyone knows this is a good structure to support health but so few people actually do it. The person who does seems odd or out of place. We should face the real numbers. Two-Thirds of all Americans are overweight and of those who lose weight only about 10% will keep the weight off. Approximately 50% of all marriages fail. Chronic disease is on the rise. People have poor sleep and the use of psychiatric medications is at an all time high. Approximately 1 in 6 to 1 in 5 Americans take a psychiatric drug. The most commonly prescribed drug is Xanax: a highly addictive drug for anxiety.

About half of the population has a chronic disease. These numbers are astounding and they are increasing each year. The cost is felt in lost productivity and increased insurance premiums. The most common diseases are cardiac disease, hypertension, cancer and diabetes. With the exception of some types of cancers, most of these diseases are preventable with good health practices.

People know what to do but don’t do it. This is the point. If behavior change could happen when we are told what to do, everyone would be living a healthy lifestyle. The fact is that behavior change doesn’t happen because you are given a set of instructions and information.

The Brain Power Program is specifically designed to overcome the limitations of the old fashioned way of inducing behavior change.