What a Holistic Health Coach Can Provide You


The World Health Organization defined health as “a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” The definition came out in 1948 and is still used to this day. Clearly, you need to do more than just see a doctor and other healthcare providers in order to consider yourself healthy. Perhaps what you need is a holistic health coach.


Holistic health or holistic medicine is a belief that the physical and mental aspects of life play a role in the overall health and wellness of a person. After all, both are closely connected.


The approach used in this type of health focuses on an individual rather than on a treatment method. It works on a person’s entire wellness and not just a lack of physical pain or disease.


This is why emotional and spiritual aspects are incorporated into the methods used in taking care of the different parts of a physical body.


What can a Holistic Health Coach do for You?


Assess your Current Health


A holistic health coach will meet with you and conduct an interview in order to evaluate the current state of your health. Just like you would a doctor, you would have to provide information about what you feel and any health problems you might be experiencing.


The only difference between a doctor and a health coach is that the latter will not just throw medications and pills you can pop in your mouth.


Identify Allergies or Stressors


There are cases when a patient may not even realize that the cause of their problem is an unidentified allergy or stressor.


Remember how we mentioned the physical and mental aspect being closely connected? It is possible that the physical pain you are experiencing stems from problems and thoughts that are causing you stress.


Perform a Strength or Weakness Test


Muscle strength testing is based on the belief that various muscles in the body are linked to particular organs and glands. If a specific muscle weakens, it may indicate a distant internal problem, such as chemical imbalance or nerve damage.


Develop Health Goals


The main goal of holistic health is to achieve maximum well-being, and every part of your body is functioning at their very best. A holistic health coach will help you develop goals designed to ensure your overall wellness. It won’t focus on one thing but also on everything else that may need adjustment.


Provide an Action Plan


If your goal is to lose weight, a holistic health coach will provide you an action plan that will not only help you lose weight but they will also look into helping people prevent illnesses, possibly reverse any chronic illnesses, and generally seek to help folks live longer, happier, and healthier lives.


Provide the Least Harmful Treatment


Holistic healers generally agree that the least harmful treatment is the best way to start the healing process. Depending on the terms of aggressiveness in treatment, they can move up from there.


Rather than provide medication, they will provide remedies that can heal you from within, suggest changing your diet or exercising more often. They will also work to create positive change from within and ensure it is natural and sustainable.


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