How Our Three Partner Organization Can Provide You with a Plan of Care like None Other


It’s not every day that an organization, let alone three, works to commit and provide their clients a holistic approach and provide a high level of care. Through Xceptional You, clients get the most extraordinary, full range of care that they can ever have.


How Does it Work?


Our Three Partner Organization is designed to provide integrated care to its clients through three organizations partnering together as one.


These organizations are the following:

  • Specialized Therapy Associates,
  • The Functional Medicine Centers for Personalized Care, and
  • An Xceptional You


Together, these organizations are committed to working hand in hand in order to offer a kind of care that targets different aspects and disciplines but work together as one. Other than that, each client’s care will depend not only on the symptoms and concerns that need to be addressed but also their entire biological makeup.


This ultimately determines the entire outcome of one’s health and looks forward to maintaining a good state of health as each one faces the future.


Breaking Down the Purposes of Each Organization


First off, our three partner organization includes Specialized Therapy Associates. This organization is a group of professionals of different specializations. This team consists of highly-skilled and competent psychologists, clinical social workers, therapists, nutritionists, neuropsychologists, MDs, nurse practitioners, and many others.


They provide assessments which would provide support and interventions in order to create a positive and healthy state of mind. With adjunctive treatments ranging from neuro-feedback to yoga, mindfulness, and meditation, the care provided by this team is definitely full-integrated.


Second, The Functional Medicine Centers for Personalized Care focuses on an integrated approach to both the mind and body with the use of functional medicine. Unlike traditional medicine practices, this medical approach gives attention to the patient’s whole well-being and facing a future with a lesser risk of diseases or conditions.


This discipline provides personalized care plans through in-depth assessments that will help come up with all the possible treatment or approaches that each client deserves. This way, they can address different aspects of one’s health.


Third, Xceptional You organization centers mostly on the approach to brain science. Being the most powerful organ in the body, the team behind this program aims to channel that kind of power in order to achieve a healthier body.


Our approach is backed up with scientific evidence that proves that the program works. Based on research, it is proven that the root cause of many people’s problems are because of the choices and behaviors that they practice. Through the Brain Power Program, our approach pushes the individual to go through the necessary behavioral changes that target to improve their well-being.


These organizations also include other specialists such as Certified Health coaches, Experienced and certified life coaches, Executive coaches, Nutritional coaches, Yoga, Exercise and mindfulness, and meditation specialists to name a few.


To a Sustaining and Dynamic Plan of Care


With these organizations working side by side to help improve the state of health for each individual, these tripartite teams work hard in order for each one to face a sustaining and dynamic lifestyle as they face their future with better health.


All in all, the plan of care they all provide is truly like no other. With sustainable changes to the individual, we are able to help an individual achieve their goals and dreams in life with less worry and better health.


Xceptional You is proud to offer its services out of Paramus, New Jersey and its surrounding areas. Contact Us today for more information, your initial telephone consultation is free and we will match you to the right provider to fit your personal needs!