The Kind of Help Our Certified Health Coaches Can Provide


Do you want to live a healthy and disease-free life? Do you want to excel at work and reach your maximum potential at the same time without the stress? Do you want to have a successful relationship with the people around you?


Xceptional You can help through health coaching.


We will help you achieve your goals by helping you become an exceptional version of yourself. Our experienced and trained coaches will guide you through the path to success using our proprietary brain power program that harnesses the power of your brain.


Your brain has the ability to initiate and sustain changes in your behavior that helps you achieve the transformation you seek. We will find the best pathways to initiate behavioral changes and help create a better you.


What is health coaching?

This is a process that facilitates behavior change using evidence-based clinical interventions and skillful interviews. The goal is to actively and safely engage patients to rethink their perceptions of health and the approach they use in taking care of themselves.


Patients with chronic conditions can benefit from health coaches.


They are provided with a step-by-step plan to help them manage stress, prioritize self-care, maintain a balance between wellness and a busy schedule, and maintain a positive and healthy mindset, among others.


It is important to understand that a health coach is not a medical doctor. We do have licensed and certified staff who are knowledgeable about these aspects but we are not qualified to medically treat patients. We are able to work with your medical doctor to help assess implementing a lifestyle change.


So what exactly does a health coach do?


How Health Coaching Can Help


  • Provides support, motivation, and encouragement when you feel you’re ready to quit.
  • Inspires you to keep moving forward, even when burdened with health-related issues.
  • Helps recognize a thriving life, despite the presence of health conditions or ailments.
  • Motivates you to make healthy choices that will impact your emotional, mental, and physical health positively.


A health coach can help you figure out what your personal health and wellness concerns are. Are you trying to lose weight, sleep better, or lower the risk of diabetes and high cholesterol?


They will develop holistic strategies based on the issues identified and their overall effect on your health and wellness. These include practices that will help you follow the strategies provided without fail.

Health Coaching Sessions with Xceptional You

Choose from single coaching, 6 coaching, and 12 coaching sessions to get started on your journey to behavioral transformation.


Our multi-session offers are designed to save you money, but you can always start with a single coaching session to help you gain insights into what we do.


Our subscription services are tailored to your specific needs. We will adjust to your schedules, if you require four sessions per month for three months, for example.


And if you can’t attend an in-person session, we can do it over the phone. This way, your subscription will not be wasted.


Ready to sign up for a health coaching session? Contact Xceptional You today!

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